East Branch Engineering Case Study

How East Branch Engineering Leverages E2 to Maximize Efficiency and Quality

About East Branch Engineering

In 1989, Paul Guidotti launched his own small lot, complex part job shop in his family’s basement. Twenty-seven years later, that one-man home business has evolved into East Branch Engineering, a Connecticut-based shop with 14 employees. East Branch still specializes in small lots and complex jobs, but today the shop serves customers in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, consumer, and even high-voltage power
In 2006, East Branch Engineering was growing rapidly. The shop had more customers, more jobs, and more administrative tasks than they had ever had before. For years East Branch had used a software platform to manage scheduling, estimating, and other important functions. However, with the increasing volume of business, the shop found that the software’s limitations were too much to handle
Chris Guidotti, Paul’s son and East Branch’s production manager, told us about the transition. “It was a difficult time because we just couldn’t get our software to work with our growing business. Data wouldn’t transfer between modules so there was a lot of data entry and time-wasting administrative work. We decided pretty quickly that we needed a new solution.”


“The automation in E2 is so convenient. You input data
once and it’s immediately available everywhere.”
— Chris Guidotti
East Branch’s Production Manager


East Branch Turns to Shoptech’s E2 Software

Their search quickly led them to Shoptech and E2. According to Chris, it was clear that E2 was the software that East Branch was looking for. He said, “The automation in E2 is so convenient. You input data once and it’s immediately available everywhere. I can generate a quote and then we have that information in the system to schedule the job, order the materials, and for anything else we need to do.”
Today, East Branch uses E2 for nearly every function in the shop. They use it for estimating, scheduling, material management, quality control, and more. Chris said that the only function they don’t use E2 for is customer relationship management.
Chris also praised Shoptech’s support and implementation teams. “From the time we purchased E2, the support has been terrific,” he added. “You can call the support team with any issue or question, and they’ll have the solution for you.”

Shoptech Customer Community Enhances E2 Experience

Today, East Branch Engineering is going through another growth cycle. While their specialty is still small lots, the shop is venturing into more jobs that involve larger quantities.Chris explained that the transition has forced him to use E2 in new ways, and that process has required a bit of learning on his part.
While Shoptech support has continued to be helpful, Chris says he has recently gotten great value out of Shoptech’s new Customer Community. “I love Shoptech’s support team,” he said, “but sometimes you really want to connect with other shop owners to hear how they’re using the software.”
shoptech community shop successThat’s what the Customer Community allows shop owners and managers to do. You can log into the community and then post any question you may have. Other customers who have encountered similar challenges then post their answers.Chris said that the community is very active, so a lot of times he doesn’t even have to post a question. He simply searched past posts and can usually find answers and new insights within minutes.
Additionally, Chris said he appreciates how Shoptech actually reads the comments and input in the Customer Community and integrates that feedback into the software.”I’ve seen it many times,” he said, “where a shop owner will request a feature and other customers will echo the sentiment. And then a couple weeks later in a new update, you’ll see that feature implemented.”

“I like that Shoptech actually listens to the customers andtakes that feedback to heart,” Chris added.

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